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Let me ask you a question. Have you ever sat with a loved one or a family member and brought out, “the shoebox.” You know what I’m talking about. The shoebox that has a million 5×7 prints in it that have been in there for ages. DON’T YOU DARE LIE TO ME, CASSANDRA. There are 1000’s of pictures and for some serendipitous reason, you and your family stumbled across these while you were cleaning out the closets. Me being…well me, I would smile and realize what I’d found and stop what I was doing IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE CLEANING CAN WAIT. I opened the box to a surprise photo of me as a 1 year old smiling at the camera with googly eyes lookin like a lost baby giraffe. Nice form, Christian. We all sit down and flip through every single picture. We had the original intention of cleaning the entire place and here we are, 3 hours later, still laughing and crying to the treasure-trove of incredibleness that we’d forgotten about for years. These are the days I live for. These are the moments that are special to me. These are why I now print pictures whenever I can. It brings me so much happiness to share these moments with my family, and I 100%-without-a-doubt-no-questions-asked believe that this will bring the same happiness to yours.


Christian Mullin Photography Prints

February 2017. Our beloved Nana passed away. Thankfully, we as a family were able to spend her last days with her at her house, in peace. She lived an incredible life. Nana lived about an hour away from me growing up, so we saw each other for holidays and special occasions. I moved off to college 4 hours away in Chicago, and it became even harder to see her and my family. I still was greeted with incredible memories with her for holidays, but it was limited. Honestly, I regret not visiting more. Hindsight is 20/20, but man, what I would do for a minute more with her. The reason I share this story with you all is because at her incredibly beautiful funeral, all of our families pitched in with every photo they had and created photo collages that people were laughing at, crying at, and enthralled with. It was such an incredible touch to an incredibly tough day. However, the photo collages really allowed everyone to realize how amazing of a life she lived. These collages are now generational heirlooms. These are tangible memories. Truly, these are invaluable pieces of art and this is one of the main reasons why I value printed products so much.

Christian Mullin Photography Prints

Facebook = Myspace?

In an era where the digital age seems to be taking over, printing seems to have been superseded by the digital form. In my eyes, as a photographer, this is really… well, sad. I 100% wholeheartedly agree that printing photographs allows one to RELIVE an experience and create an incredible story from the images that you have.

Here’s an example:

You go to the prom as an 18 year old. You had an incredible time. You remember everything from the fancy dinner that you couldn’t afford to your date to who you were with. You’re 25 now. 7 years have passed. It should be noted that you have every single photograph on facebook whether it be on your wall or buried in a friend’s “Prom ’18 P4RTYYY4LYF” FB album. They’re everywhere. But there’s one problem.

There’s no cohesive storyline.

Or even worse, there aren’t images!

You’re remembering solely off of memories. But if you were smart enough to snag some pretty smiles from back then, sure, you can look at the pictures if you go back in your photos and look at it on a screen, but there’s truly something magical about holding an archival print from 10 years ago that will last literally 100 years.

Even more importantly, do you remember MySpace? EVERYONE was on MySpace. Ps: There’s NO CHANCE I’ll tell you my MySpace handle. But seriously, everyone thought that MySpace would last forever. Frankly, technology changes. With that, who knows what will happen to Facebook. With that said, even if you could get all of the images off of Facebook and decided that you really did want to print those albums from back in the day, the resolution of those images that facebook renders is incredibly low for printing and will give you…well… not such high quality photos. I absolutely don’t want to come off as a person that HATES social media because let’s get serious, I make my living off of it, and I think so many great things come from social media. But as part of the millennial generation myself, we lack attention span, we are always on the go, we rarely take time to breath and enjoy life. All’s I’m saying is that I truly don’t care if you print through me, but print your photos of when you take a spontaneous trip to see your parents, or your children. You will not regret it.

Christian Mullin Photography Custom Design Albums

Heirlooms for Future Generations

Imagine the prom story above, but +25 years. I now have 3 kids. These same photos are worn, but they can last another 75 years easy. I tell the kids, “HEY, NO MORE LEGGOS, I JUST DESTROYED MY FOOT. GO CLEAN THE CLOSETS.” You see where this is going. They find the pictures. We stop what we’re doing. We laugh. We cry. We tell incredible stories from “the good ole’ days.” We become grateful for what we have and cherish this moment. Ultimately, these galleries, these pictures, these albums ALL become incredible, invaluable heirlooms that can be passed on from generation to generation. Your kids can truly realize how lucky they are to have SUCH AN INCREDIBLY HANDSOME FATHER, AKA ME. Just kidding. But you get my point. My goal is not to “sell” anything to you. My goal is to give you the opportunity to relive memories, create a family heirloom, and become grateful for what you have in this beautiful life, family. After all, family = everything.

I print through vetted-professional photography labs designed for photographers to provide invaluable products to my friends, family, and incredible customers.  The same goes for the customized albums that I create.

It’s funny though.

People have said to me that “you’re such a great story teller with the images that you portray,” and I want to laugh at them because if ANYONE has heard me tell a story, they’d concur with me being a 3-month old golden retriever. #NEVERONTASK. But on a serious note, the truth in the matter is that I’m not the one creating the stories – you are, your family is, your significant other is. I simply allow you to relive that story in printable form, which is why my job is so amazing. So, why don’t we create a story together? Contact me below to get your free consultation!